Are you looking for a young Civil Rights US-Flag Movement, where you can make a big impact? Here we are, we welcome you to present your thoughts on Civil Rights and Social Justice Issues.


Civil Rights US Flag Movement is looking for volunteer blog writers living in the US who are willing to commit to creating 2 submissions. One submission will be on a political subject that we pitch to you and the other submission will be on a political subject that you pitch to us. 

We welcome creativity, so don’t feel constrained by a specific format: animations, Info-graphics, and other interesting ways to engage with Civil Rights and Social Justice issues are encouraged. Check out our new blog to get an idea of past blog articles and inspiration for future submissions.


• Engage with a wider audience of like-minded change-makers

• Publish and help us to keep a spotlight on the problems, and give people a chance to show their solidarity.


It’s time to band together and fight for each other! This is your opportunity to show your support of our nation by lifting each other up, spreading Love, and stopping the hate!

Together we can make a difference by proudly celebrating our diversity, and you can be an important part of help to make this Dream a reality!


Intake for volunteer blog writers will continue on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to publish two to five submissions per week.


If you are interested in supporting the Civil Rights US-Flag Movement then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please include the subject that interest you and a bit about yourself.

If you are not a blogger but would like to support us in other ways,

we look forward to hearing from you

Send us a message via the contact form below and we'll get back to you asap

Thanks for submitting!