Why is a Civil Rights US-Flag Important and Should You Have One?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Importance: No Freedom Until We Are Equal! In June of 1775, the United States adopted the American flag. The flag initially consisted the 13 colonies and today is displays the union of 50 states. This flag represented our pride and hope for the future. As children, we were taught that it meant freedom and the governments loyalty to the American citizens. As we began to look around, We the People, noticed that the flag might represent the 50 states. However, it certainly does not exemplify the diversity within our country. For too long, our government has failed to acknowledge the war it has created on its people. We are struck with police brutality, racism, classism, sexism, and pure discrimination. It is time that we take back our flag and this time, create a land that fights for everyone! We can no longer continue to hide behind closed doors, praying for all the hate to disappear because it will not. We Must stand up and show the government that we will endure it no longer. Since the beginning, the American flag design has been an important symbol to our country. It has become one of many controversial images, but we do not believe it should be. A Civil Rights US-Flag acknowledges all walks of life and allows everyone to feel welcomed and safe. Equality should not be a debate; we should understand the importance of diversity and how it leads to our society's advancements.

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The Great Divide: Stand Together This flag represents all sexualities, ethnic groups, religions, and genders. With the modern American Flag design, the colors of the stars were changed to transform the view on America. You do not have to be liberal, Atheist, Pro- anything, or apart of the LGBTIQ+ community to understand that we are all human. It is not a radical concept to acknowledge that we were born on the same planet and deserve the same birthrights.

This flag does not represent the American government's abolishment but a symbol of peace between the thousands of diverse groups that inhabit this land. Standing for freedom and equality must include those who hold opposite beliefs, and we welcome ANYONE to hang this flag from their home. Strength comes from numbers. A Civil Rights flag shows your support to an incredibly worthy cause and the chance to commit to fighting for a better world. It is crucial you decide, stand against the people, or stand with them. Which will you choose?

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