We March for HOPE not Hate

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

2020 has been a grim time for all of humanity. With Covid-19 spreading like wildfires, a confusing election, and a movement finally breaking through the surface, it can be hard to see a future without fear. The American people have chosen to ignore the fear and turn to hope. Optimism is the key to creating a world that stands together. We need to build a new community that supports the lifestyles of all.

Black man holds up a sign that says, We march for hope not hate

How Can We Fix It? Ignorance has allowed people to believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is a radical step to changing how society works together; we are here to tell you that this is not true. We do not march for hate; we march because we want peace for all living beings.

Although America feels divided, we believe that our roots run deeper than who we hate and love. We want to send a message that allows everyone to feel free and welcome in this world. The resistance that has risen is angered by the government's lack of help towards their cause.

We would personally like to invite you to the movement for civil rights for human rights. We can no longer hide from the reality that our society has created for us.

It is time to acknowledge and accept our differences. The only right way to reconciliation is to begin to let our defenses down and show compassion to those we have mistreated for 100's of years.

Gratitude We live in a world that can meet everyone's needs. Why do we so often take this for granted? Society has normalized violence in a way that it never needed to be. We are not born bitter; we are taught to be bitter. We can end this cycle, and the way to do so is to begin treating others graciously and establishing a safer environment for all.

If you are a part of the sizable group of people who are too often mistreated, we would like to start by apologizing for the actions the government has taking towards you. We want you to know that you have our full support, and we believe in standing behind you until you feel heard.

If you are a part of the group that does not feel personally feel affected by the law enforcement or government officials lack of support, we would like to ask you to join us. Raise your fists! Fly BLM or Civil Rights flags! Stand tall and fight back against the violence in the world, together we can make a change.

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