America’s Motto: “If you don’t Like it, you can leave it”

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The United States of America is supposedly a place of Democracy, but we are seeing a rise in fascist techniques used within our governments. Not to mention, our society is controlled by a two-party system in which neither side stands for equality or justice for those being harmed. In 2019, Donald J. Trump was quoted “If you do not like it, you can leave it”, since his statement was heard by the public it has become increasingly used against those who disagree with the government.

What does it mean and is it fair? At first glance, this statement may seem to hold some value to it. Let’s say you are at a clothing store and all the prices are too high or they do not carry your style, you will probably end up just leaving and head to a store that meets your needs. This is not just a place to shop though, this is the home of approximately 329,227,746 people and just under 40% of those residents are non-white.

This phrase is commonly used against immigrants or minorities within the population. The American government uses this tactic to make them feel as if they have made the choice to come here and if they are unhappy, they can “go home”. Unfortunately for most of the 40%, they have only known a place inside America and because they are citizens, they feel they should have a say in this so called “democracy.”

The American government chooses to use fear tactics, instead of confronting issues. Police brutality is overlooked, ICE can separate children from their families, and there are consequences for attempting to reach the American dream. How is it that a country that was built on immigration from all corners of the world, increasingly becoming opposed to the idea that more diversity could help us thrive as a whole?

The Bottom Line Immigration was the key component in creating the American society and we must continue to acknowledge that. When we use this unforgiving phrase, we fundamentally tell the American citizens that their voice does not matter, and the government will continue to rule however they please.

Having an opinion on one’s country does not mean that they hate it, it just simply means that they care enough to make it a better place. Just as our ancestors did when we decided to migrate from Europe to America, it is the citizen’s duty not to run when a government becomes too oppressive but to stand and fight to abolish it.

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