Meaning of the Civil Rights US Flag

Young friendly Latina stands in front of the Civil Rights US flag

The Colors and their Symbolism 

To create the Civil Rights US Flag, designer Suzi Hills used our national flag as the basis. This flag already symbolizes those who chose to stay for the American Experiment. It represents a place of hope—a melting pot offering equal civil rights to all. 


The Civil Rights US Flag differs from the national flag because of the colorful stars. The colors include red, brown, white, black, and yellow. We chose for the first star to be red on purpose because it represents Native Americans (First Nations) and our respect for their human rights as well as their land rights. Since they were in America first, we thought it would only be right to give their star a special place on the flag. The red ocher color is the color of earth and represents a spiritual relationship between the land and the sun and their spirit of life.


Other groups the stars represent include:

  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ community

  • People of all faiths and religion

  • People of all socioeconomic backgrounds 

  • People of all disabilities and abilities 

  • People of all shapes and sizes

  • People of all ages 


Every group is represented by the same number of stars to show that we are all equal. The diversity of all the stars coming together shows a beautiful picture of the United States—many people from many backgrounds, all equal, living united in justice and peace.


What This Flag Stands For

The Civil Rights US Flag represents our unconditional demand for equal rights for everyone. It’s a visible reminder to us that no one is above the law and everyone should be included. 


The flag stands for:

  • Peace

  • Hope

  • Unity

  • Respect

  • Tolerance

  • Solidarity

  • Compassion

  • Cohesion

  • Justice 


. . . for everyone!


Throughout our country’s history, many things have changed but one thing that hasn’t is our rich diversity. Our differences aren’t something to be frightened of. They are something to celebrate! The flag celebrates the diversity that makes America so special by putting it on display. It shows how people from all over the world (just like designer Suzi Hills) have arrived in this great country and added even more beauty and talent to it. 


The Civil Rights US Flag is also to share hope by showing that injustice does not last forever. It can feel hopeless when you look at where we are right now and know that injustice and inequality still exist. Yet, it’s important to still acknowledge the progress we’ve made. America was founded to be a place where everyone is welcome. Intolerance and injustice are directly opposed to that idea.


Show Your Support with a Civil Rights US Flag

The movement behind the Civil Rights US flag is meant to inspire and motivate people to fight for each other. We believe in the good of people and the power to overcome our differences.


The flag is for all of us! It stands for unrestricted civil rights. You can show your support for all kinds of people by buying this flag and proudly displaying it. Let’s all stand together and build a better future for everyone!