About the Designer

The Civil Rights US Flag was designed by Sabina Hills. Creating it was deeply personal for her because of her own background. 


Sabina was born in Germany, one generation after World War II. She grew up knowing that her country had a not-so-distant history of some of the most horrific racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism, and discrimination. The country had been known for completely ignoring human rights and devaluing people for their differences just 75 years ago. 


During the Holocaust, Germans killed millions. Over six million Jews, people with disabilities, people of other religions, and political ideals, people of other origins, and people in the gay community were all murdered simply for being different. Germany also started the Second World War where 70 million more people were killed over a period of six years. 


Preventing History from Repeating Itself

Although German history was steeped in these horrific events, Sabina was able to see how a country could transform from a place of hatred to a place of acceptance in a relatively short amount of time. Even so, the hatred was fresh on everyone’s mind. If people didn’t fight against inequality whenever they witnessed it, history would be doomed to repeat itself. 


At school, Sabina’s teachers warned her about how quickly a democracy could take a turn for the worse. At home, her grandfather instructed her to always take a stand against racism and other forms of discrimination. Sabina knew that no matter how different others were, they were human just like her and deserved to be treated equally. If she wasn’t strong enough to act on her own, she should find others who would stand with her against injustice. This is the only way to stop discrimination and prevent political manifestation. 


Sabina's Message to Americans

Since coming to the United States 15 years ago and becoming a dual citizen, Sabina has wanted to share this message. She knows that Americans are not immune to the kind of hatred that led to the Holocaust a tragic loss of human life. She hopes that the Civil Rights US Flag will encourage others to accept everyone, no matter their background.


When everyone is doing their part by standing up to discrimination and injustice, what happened in Germany will never happen again—not here and not anywhere on the planet.